Brussels: Solidarity poster


Making repression lose

All forms of physical and psychological violence that are intrinsic to the daily enforcement of all states and all democracies, this is repression.

The continuous expansion of its punishment, prosecution, and
imprisonment tools might be its most obvious realization.

The generalized internalization of its perception of “justice”, and the omnipresent confusion that personal fulfillment comes through work and consumption are surely its greatest achievements.

However, repression loses.

Each time we rebel, we spit in the face of the moral colonialism of this system, and we sabotage it.

Each time, waves of revolt expose the limits of the control of the
state, and render imaginable a complete end to it.

Each time, our actions discard the smoke screen of lies, and make us sense that our freedom is to be found in attacking authority and not in obeying it.

Repression has everything to lose.

Solidarity with the anarchists prosecuted by the Belgian state.