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Santiago, Chile : second communique from subversive prisoners in the maximum security prison – On the indefinite postponement of transfer and closure of the prison (24/10/2019)

About two weeks ago we made known the State’s decision to review the maximum security prison [CAS, “Cárcel de alta seguridad”], giving our perspective on the matter. This information, which is now public, has changed considerably because of circumstances that prevented the general transfer to other units from happening, so the transfer has been postponed indefinitely.

We firmly insist on the call to face this moment of struggle together, inside and outside the walls, for the destruction of the boundaries that prevent collective progress.

We want to continue to build daily resistance collectively, because we consider it urgent to strengthen all the initiatives that break isolation in this intense moment of conflict [a reference to the widespread revolt in Chile].

We hug those who are by our side and those in solidarity with actions and words, in the organization and the struggle against prison as an inseparable part of the struggle against authority.

We are convinced!

Freedom for the prisoners of the social war!

Solidarity and internationalist brotherhood for the destruction of prisons!

As long as there is misery there will be rebellion!

Juan Flores Riquelme

Juan Aliste Vega

Joaquín García Chanks

Marcelo Villarroel Sepúlveda

Maximum security prison

Santiago de Chile

24th October 2019



Translated from Italian by act for freedom now!

Chile: Statement by Marcelo Villarroel on Political Prison in Chile

via AMW English

From the high security jail of Santiago de Chile I send these words of greeting to all who meet today in Villa Francia to share visions and experiences around the political prison.

The jail that I live in today is the same one that has taken more than 20 years of my life.

I arrived here at the age of 21, transferred from the former penitentiary at its inauguration on February 20, 1994, leading me in 2004 with the anti-jail fight started with Kamina Libre in 1996.

The KAS was then used to imprison and annihilate the military political subversion of the left. Rodríguistas, Miristas and Mapucistas lautarinos [members of MAPU-Lautaro, an armed left-wing group] were recipients of the perverse dirty war of the government of Aylwin and Frei that managed to defeat the armed projects embodied in the FPMR, the different MIR and the Mapu-Lautaro.

There were many factors that caused this defeat and the prisoners of that generation began to leave after a decade of confinement, one of the toughest in Chilean carceral history.

The composition of social reality was severely transformed by the State and the Capital in the process of bourgeois remaking, thus transforming paradigms, ideas, practices and tensions.

It was in the second half of the ‘90s that the subversive reality began to change definitely as well as the ideas of forces that serve as references and guides for action. Continue reading

Chile: Statement by Anarchist Prisoner Marcelo Villarroel on the 10th Anniversary of the Death of Mauricio Morales

via: AMWEnglish
10 years after the death in combat of Mauricio Morales …
To all those who confront the present from autonomy, with insurrectionary memory, in resistance and subversion!
10 years ago Mauricio Morales Duarte, the punky Maury died. One night at the end of May, a rumble was heard, in the vicinity of the south center of Santiago, in the gendarmerie school the punky Maury departed in his eternal bicycle to the route of all those who have lost their lives in this everyday exercise of struggling to be free by confronting the domain in all the spaces of reality.
At that time, I was a prisoner in unit 11 of Neuquén, Argentina, when on a cold May morning, I learned what had happened. The inevitable pain of loss was multiplied by anger and pride. Your choice of life in struggle as a contribution to the anarchist and insurrectional tension as an expression of social war earned my repeated respect.
10 years since then, the remembrance of your history and the memory of your actions are expressed as part of our arsenal of life in conflict that everyday we carry in all the most unsuspected corners on the planet… it has already been said many times by comrades around the world speaking different languages, but the same language of war in eternal complicity with those who attack power, prison, hierarchies, the police and all authority.
We always share your words and history, we make you talk with those who died before and dance the same wild melody of the attack. Memory, Resistance, Subversion is our insistence that contains all the experiences of struggle and direct conflict including by those we do not know but we know nevertheless… the struggle for total liberation is dispute and daily conflict in all spaces of reality.
And for that reason I encourage the proliferation of the initiatives that set out to destroy the existing order and certainly your example walks between us without any doubt. From the high security jail of Santiago in Chile, I greet all those who make this activity possible and to all of those that decided to move to attack against this rotten world in which today we survive.
On the third day of hunger strike …




Marcelo Villarroel Sepúlveda, Libertarian Prisoner, K.A.S Santiago, May 18, 2019