Italy: Update on the Hunger Strike in the Prisons of L’Aquila and Alessandria (26th June, 2019)

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News from L’Aquila, June 26th:

Like every Wednesday, Silvia and Anna also held talks with external people today.
While Natascia moved there a week ago, she still has no chance to see anyone else but ‘advocate. She is subjected to censorship and has also withheld her trial papers. Even Silvia’s mail, in and out, continues to suffer slowdowns, and is partly withheld.
To date all three are still on hunger strike.
Who have seen the two comrades [Anna and Silvia] report having found them well, considering the fact that they reached the 29th day of the hunger strike. They accuse a physiological weakness that appears to be normal. With great strength of spirit today the companions refused the package, in which fruit had been put in the hypothesis that they had decided to stop the strike.
The initiatives put in place – even in the last few days – restored their strength. They confirm that the keystrokes from 41bis – lasting half an hour – continue, daily, and that they manage to participate, in response, for no more than ten minutes given the limited energy. They are pulling the rope in a situation that by day in day becomes more and more critical, and the absence of a response from the penitentiary institution, increasingly full of responsibility. The news of a visit to the prison on the same day by the national detainee guarantor, prompted by the gravity of situation, is reliable. The comrades are monitored by health personnel, but their request to allow a doctor to come in from outside the prison is still disregarded today.
Friday, June 28, will be the next opportunity for direct contact with the three comrades held in the AS2 section of the prison of L’Aquila, when the respective lawyers will go to interview them.

News from Alessandria, June 26th:

Today at around 13.30, I visited the prison of Alessandria to meet Marco, who is detained in AS2 section. I spent about an hour with him and he assured me that he was subjectively good despite the several days of hunger strike, he is still in force despite the 9 kg lost (currently weighing 42 kg), he is able to stretch his legs and chat with comrades when allowed. It takes only 3 bottles of 1.5 liter water and adds them with a teaspoon of salt and one of sugar. Days ago, refusing not to integrate anything with water, he suffered a hypoglycemic crisis for which some glucose and physiological infusions were needed, but currently the problem seems to be solved and is parameterized by the health personnel twice a day to prevent them from check again. Yesterday’s blood tests and e valuable vital signs indicate a state of general suffering from mild malnutrition, but not worrying at this time.
Aware of the possible consequences of the ongoing strike undertaken, for now he does not want to give up and is determined to reject any proposal for treatment by the jailers. The news of the mobilizations outside and the conditions of the other comrades on strike arrived quite up to date, while he complained of a noticeable slowness in outgoing communications.
Marco thanks the comrades in solidarity e in particular the Cassa Antipressione delle Alpi Occidentali [Anti-repression fund of the western Alps].
Come on Marco!!
From Fabio (doctor who visited Marco on Thursday 26/06)
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