Germany: Prison Van Torched in Solidarity with Imprisoned and Fugitive Comrades in Bremen

via: actforfree

“The prison is looking for you”…”We have found you”
During the night of the 4th-5th of July we torched a Bremen JVA (Bremen Prison) truck in the fenced TÜV NORD parking lot in Bremen-Walle.
JVA Bremen is characterized by miserable conditions, the cells are overcrowded, rain leaks in and medical care is either extremely bad or completely denied.
But we do not want to make a plea for the reforming of criminals or even to strengthen the illusion that there is such a thing as a ‘humane’ or ‘just’ prison.
Our only concern regarding the system of confinement is to sabotage the prison industry! Because it is a structure that aims to break ‘resistant’ and unadapted subjects. The suicide rate in JVA Bremen during recent years proves this.
Cynically, the vehicle was adorned with a slogan, which is part of the advertising campaign to employ workers at JVA Bremen – “You are the key”, this is the role they have actually intended for us.
Our thoughts are with the comrades who are not with us right now. They sit within the architecture of the enemy, their existence is behind bars where they are punished by the deprivation of their freedom of movement.
But the fire was not only for them. We do not want to forget the people who escaped the inhumane idea of imprisonment. Those who have left everything behind and are now on the run.
But not only do we out here fight against the prison society. Even behind the walls people try to preserve their dignity and freedom. We also send solidarity greetings to them.
Freedom for all prisoners.