Greece: Update on the trial of imprisoned anarchist comrade Konstantinos Giagztoglou

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On Friday, September 20, 2019, in the special courtroom of the Korydallos prison, the trial against anarchist comrade Konstantinos Giagztoglou began.


Dinos was arrested in October 2017 in an anti-terrorist ambush when he left an apartment in central Athens, which he rented with false ID to help a persecuted comrade. He was arrested with an order issued by Special Investigator Eutychis Nikopoulos for the case of intercepted letter-bomb packages which were sent to officials of the European economic and political elite in the spring of that year. Since then he has been detained and accused of participating in a “terrorist organization”, as well as construction and dispatch of explosive devices to officials of financial institutions and rating agencies throughout Europe, as well as an attempted murder for the package that injured Loukas Papadimos, the former prime minister of Greece. The comrade has declared from the first moment of his arrest and in an open letter to the anarchist movement, that renting the apartment was a conscious choice in the context of revolutionary solidarity, but does not accept any of the other accusations.

At the same time, the German and French police were called to investigate the package received by the Federal Minister of Finance, Wolfgang Schäuble, which was identified by the security staff of the German ministry in Berlin, and for the package received by the IMF representative for Europe, Franks Jeffrey, which exploded at its headquarters in Paris. The recipients of the remaining 8 packages, identified by the ELTA Anti-Terrorist Detection Center in Kryoneri, in the order indicated in the case file, were the following:

Antigoni Loudiades (former Goldman Sachs banker and founder of Rothesay Life Insurance Company) based in London, United Kingdom.
Jose Santos (General Manager of Fitch Ratings) based in Barcelona, ​​Spain.
Marcin Petrykowski (Head of the Central and Eastern European branches of the Standard & Poor’s rating agency) based in Warsaw, Poland.
Hugo McNeill (Irish Investment Banking Officer and Goldman Sachs member) based in Dublin, Ireland.
Klaus Regling (CEO of ESM-European Stability Mechanism) based in Luxembourg.
Jeroen Dijsselbloem (former Minister of Finance of the Netherlands and former President of the Eurogroup) at the Ministry of Finance of The Hague, The Netherlands.
Mauro Crisafulli (Moody’s first vice president of evaluation) based in Milan, Italy.
Christine Claire Graeff (General Director of Communication and Language Services of the ECB-European Central Bank) based in Frankfurt, Germany.

In the trial, which began on 9/20, Dinos is accused (among other things) of (for the second time) joining and participating in a “terrorist organization” and for attempting to move to a safe place in order to be released from the rental of the House. The same case also included the case of a bank account maintained by a comrade for no apparent reason and, therefore, accused of financing a “terrorist organization” where along with other current and former prisoners, unrelated, friends and relatives allegedly deposited the money. In the same trial, the member of Revolutionary Struggle, Pola Roupa, is accused of falsification to allegedly fabricate the identity with which Dinos rented the Alkmenus Street department in December 2015.


At the first hearing, the defendants and their representative defense lawyers appeared before the court, while for those who did not do so, the court requested lawyers and appointed them ex officio. The witnesses were all present. The aforementioned advocates requested a deadline to obtain the case file and contact the accused. The court postponed and set the next hearing for 8/10, with subsequent hearings on October 11, 15, 21 and 31. The second case (of the Revolutionary Struggle) trial by the same court was postponed to November 29, provided that Dinos’ case was over.

The presence in the courtroom and the embrace of comrades, friends and those in solidarity gave the imprisoned comrade joy and strength, expressing in real terms the anarchist motto:


Friends and companions of Konstantinos Giagztoglou
Original publication on 09/21/2019.

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