Letter from Anarchist Prisoner Toni Chavero on Rotating Hunger Strike in Spanish Prisons


A rotating hunger strike began this September in Spanish prisons to draw attention to the horrible situation in Spanish prisons, tortures, deaths, the basicly nonexistent medical attention, terrible food, bad communication inside/outside, isolation confinement for rebellious prisoners, etc. etc. There are thousands of denouncements of this situation in the offices of the European Union Tribunals, at least from the last 20 years. No one there cares about this nonexistent human rights in Spanish prisons! So the prisoners, with the support of solidarity groups from outside, try to continue the long tradition of struggles against this fascist prisoner system in Spain. So from last September 1st, a small group of prisoners started this rotative hungerstrike and Toni Chavero, an anarchist comrade, actually encaged in the prison of Estremera (Madrid) wrote this letter:

Letter from anarchist prisoner Toni Chavero about the rotating hunger strike in Spanish prisons

Bunker of Estremera (Prison Madrid VII)

5th September, 2019

Cheers, comrades, I am Toni Chavero. I hope that on the arrival of these letters you will find yourself with strength and courage. We need strength, determination and a firm position. I want to thank you, first of all, for joining these rotating hunger strikes. I have been on strike for five days today, but I didn’t even have to start it, the reprisals came earlier. I have been cut off from communications with three comrades for “reasons of security and good order of the establishment.” Since they lack the arguments or connections that lead to this intervention, they continue to violate our rights and freedoms through the nose, we will see what the court says. Although I know this goes on for a long time, I have set out to recover communications with my comrades.

The dentist and the oculist don’t even call me. Reprisals or a Hippocratic oath? Or hypocrite?

The objective of this strike is obvious and necessary: to demand the application of Articles 104.4 and 196 RP to the comrades with chronic diseases, their release without the fascist requirement of having to be in terminal phase, I mean, dead. We’re not gonna stand for this. At least they won’t shut us up. That’s clear to us.

On the other hand, we call for the repeal of the permanent prison that can be reviewed and, of course, for the disappearance of the hidden life sentences. Here I highlight the case of Antoine or Enrique del Valle, because right now I don’t remember any other name; it would be necessary to make a list of all the people subjected to similar situations. Comrade Antoine (Antonio Nieto Galindo), after 40 years, 4 months and 16 days of effective fulfillment, they want to kidnap him to France, these sociopaths, devoid of heart, unaware of the humanitarian spirit. Who are the killers here? All that remains is for them to claim Article 100 of the old penal code of 1973: redemption of penalties for works, studies, cultural, artistic, creative activities, etc., etc., etc. We have no choice but to continue sending the writings about it to the incompetent, national and international bodies, you know the addresses by the compañerx out there.

After the end of the first 10 days, I think we should continue to send letters to these individuals, bodies, institutions in solidarity with the comrades who carry out the rotating hunger strikes. After the end of these first 10 days of September begins the Peque companion (Courage, Angel!) and so, successively, continue, as I know today, ten more people. I know that they will enter, after the comrades Peque, Aroca Lisón, Doblado, Hermenegildo, Tinoco, Marían Tapia finish… and I do not know who you are the others. Encouragement and much strength! We will reach the end of 2019 and beyond with these rotating demands, because we deserve it and because we can do it. Determination and iron positioning, I have no doubt. And thanks, inside and out. I want to thank the colleagues of Tokata and Grupo Pro Presxs of Madrid, for being the ones who have more contact with me, the fact of taking care of us, despite the adversities. Thanks is to say little. To all the individual people, to all the Presxs Support Groups that I know are there, to the Families, to the Solidarity Groups, all, thank you very much, much strength for the gatherings in the cave of the jailers (SGIP), the concentrations in Navalcarnero, in Albocásser. Thanks to the friends of Alcalá de Xivert (Castellón) for their “Desde dentro” (From inside), the voice of the prisoners and everything they do. Thank you, compañerxs. Come on, I add the informative tables in Anarchist Book Fairs, Tatoo Cirkus, concerts, etc. You are the fucking rod! We feel you strong in here and we are grateful.

A fraternal and libertarian embrace. May the struggle for a society without cages not cease!

Rebellion and friendship! Also in memory of our compañero Xosé Tarrío and his nai Pastora.

We don’t forget you! Cheers to everyone.


We animate to everyone to support this struggle with solidarity-actions!

You can also write to Toni directly; his address is: Toni Chavero, Centro Penitenciario Madrid VII, Estremera, Ctra. M-241, km 5.750, 28595 ESTREMERA (MD), Spain