Mexico: Letter of Mario López Hernández (Tripa)

Translated from French and the original Spanish by Act for freedom now!

have decided to write this short text to make known the following:

Monday 2 September 2019 I was captured by the Criminal Investigation Police in the streets of Mexico City. The police transferred me to the Reclusorio Varonil Norte on the warrant for re-arrest for attacks against public order and aggravated damage of property, in relation to the proceedings opened against me following the accident with explosives in 2012.

I want to say clearly that my wish to NOT WANT to politicise this situation is due to the fact that I DID NOT and DO NOT want any violent or radical direct actions to be carried out in my name or for my sake or solidarity:

I am keeping this judicial procedure, as well as the old one, outside the radical anarchist or feminist movement that I want to avoid being related with, since I don’t belong to these movements.

I do not belong nor have I belonged to any radical anarchist group or to ITS and its variants – I do not share their ideas and ask this group, publicly and respectfully, to withdraw such recognition.

If at some point I have mentioned the term « wild nature » it was in the concept of a healthy way of living, but not in the concept of political or radical struggle.

I want to thank with all my heart all the dear friends and various people who were aware of this recent situation and gave me their support as far as they could. Likewise a thank you to the lawyers who have assisted me.

The hypocrites and those who once considered you and today stab you in the back fall on their own, that’s the rule of life.

Mario López Hernández


Text published September 28 in