Chile: Subversive Prisoners Joaquin Garcia Chanks and Juan Aliste Vega on Insurrection in Chile


Statement by compañero Joaquín García Chanks on the context of Revolt.

We have witnessed a seemingly unpredictable phenomenon; thousands of young people from a virtually innocuous claim, have given free rein to their weariness with their daily life, destroying symbols and banners, fears, lies and, why not, certain modalities. It is not possible in this small text to try, perhaps in vain, to analyze the reason for this situation. I do not think it necessary to type the facts under superficialities and slogans or to attribute this catharsis to an accumulation of situations; sometimes everything is more simple. Today, I smile happily at the break of the order of things, the momentary breakdown of the status quo, from the fire to the symbols of lies and misery; I enjoy the potential of this break. It is not necessary to deceive oneself; it would be naive to believe that the Revolt carries our values or politics. That after catharsis, the Counter of the miseries of sustained existence will reach zero or an inevitable anarchic becoming; it is necessary to enjoy the revolt, enjoy the essential will that undermines all immobility, the flames of a moment becoming chaotic that only by constant combustion can survive and thus maintain its indomitable beauty. Today I smiled for a gift that nobody has given me.

Joaquín García Chanks

October 24, 2019.

Statement by compañero Juan Aliste Vega: Revolt, new generation and autonomous subversion.

This revolt is an awakening at the hands of a new lucid generation, willing to break the alienation and anesthesia of the citizen, cultivated by power for decades. The capitalist project is based on dictatorship and sustained with the embedding of democracy, democracy with a stench of tear gas and fascist politics. Thus, fear continued to penetrate lives, being an unequivocal extension of a police military state. The instruments of power for domination were adorned with display cases and consumption (1990s). The dominating axis oiled and arranged the means of bread and circuses, promising with speeches and harangues, selling life improvements and offers of supposed equality and justice. With the political sheath of their democracy and the mixture of individualism, consumerism, and tear gas, they secured control and their social peace, and a few were enriched generationally at the expense of the misery of many. The above is only one fact that detonated the fire of this new generation in Revolt that left fear behind, distancing itself from citizen pestilence, passing over the arrogance of power and confronting it with the rebel vitality that flows and connects in complicity to subvert.

The bottom line is not to claim this or that request. The rotten is already there and is the system, the way of life and those who support it. The Revolt conquers the silencing by power and its governments on duty; it is the lucid action that unmasks the pestilence of capitalism, imposed on lives. October 18, 2019 marks a diverse explosion, revolt of which we are not strangers.

We are happy with the libertarian fire. We are freed by sabotage, expropriation, combat, decision, complicity and autonomous rebellion.

As subversive prisoners, we turn to the Revolt, stating that reasons remain for more subversion. Our convictions are oxygenated with the reality of the moment where the State burns and is surpassed. We reaffirm that their institutions in disarray are nothing more than trawlers of a capitalist model. Willing to defend their position-wealth by raising the repressive intensity in the middle of the revolt, the State Security Law is established, a military state is established, with militias in control, more pacos and ratis under their control in the streets. Military and police state imposed on the walk of all lives.

All the stench of political parties and their structures that are on the eaves of the jester on duty will have their communicational and disinformative media battery to tell their story. Their bronze phrases will shine: “Now we do,” “Let us take care of all that has been achieved,” “We protest peacefully,” “Dialogue” and all those harangues. They will want to tell their story once again, make up the dead and we will all be criminals.

The imprint of their faces and words will want to convince that everything is normal, while everything is rotten!!!

The continuum of the struggle is one of revolt and subversion; it has an imprint with a young face that breaks what is established, it is not limited to the claim, it does not respond to vinegar projects or verticalities, it is combined in the multiform horizontality of direct action, its oxygen is libertarian and it has domesticated fear.

That complicity multiplies by strengthening urban combat, which guerrillas break into every corner against the police military state and all its citizen political fauna.

For the destruction of the prison society!

Autonomous subversion and permanent revolt!!

While there is misery there will be rebellion!

Juan Aliste Vega, Subversive Prisoner