Berlin : Prison profiteer KONE attacked

On the 17th of November, a car of prison profiteer KONE was set on fire.
Combative solidarity with those persecuted and arrested by the Greek state!
Flaming greetings to Thunfisch (, who was arrested on 10th November in Berlin!
Fire to the prisons, freedom for all prisoners!

The principle of punishment of bourgeois society is one that never forgets. All possible means are at the disposal of the state persecution. The press, which willingly serves as the mouthpiece of the pigs to publish accusations, photos and calls for denunciation, thereby reaching a broad public. The drooling after a good story, which should increase the sales figures of the smear sheet, not important on whose back this is carried out.

Thousands of lackeys who, by putting on their uniforms, roam the function of defending an inhuman system and are prepared to enter houses, to arrest people, to torture, to injure, to rape, to murder. Companies whose basic idea of existence is nothing other than the increase of profit, which therefore have no conscience to appeal to, and which invest in the construction of prisons, walls, in research for more sophisticated methods of oppression. The revolutionary attack on murderous conditions and the logic of property and profit through exploitation and oppression is not only direct action, but anchoring it in social struggles. Although there is nothing to be said against the pure act which gives a concrete answer to the respective atrocity of the existing, the revolution may only develop in the lifting of the isolation of individual militants* or cells and their connection with the people, the oppressed.

Those who, under the name “Organization for Revolutionary Self-Defense”, have committed attacks on Greek MAT units (January and November 2017, May 2014), the Mexican Embassy (July 2016) and the French Embassy (November 2016), have written in their texts about this very connection in which the armed struggle is an expression of the social movement. On 9th November, the Greek state arrested three people, one of whom was released a few days later, arrested and tried to interrogate them for hours, forcing a person to flee injured, on the grounds that they had identified them (as menbers of the Organization).

Since the change of government from Syriza to Nea Demokratia, the state has taken off its democratic and moderating mask and has set itself the goal of silencing the anarchist movement and fighting all forms of self-organization of the oppressed and excluded, in addition to the usual racist activity. It is not surprising that the new government in November is striving for the smashing of armed fighting groups. The last two months of the year are historically marked by anti-authoritarian and anarchist resistance, by resistance against the junta and the broad uprising of the Polytechneio in 1973, as well as by the revolt in December 2008 after the shooting of Alexis by a cop.

Wherever our eyes turn, even worldwide, we see protests and unrest flare up in various places. Revolts that unleash themselves and drag thousands of people onto the streets, ready to attack the symbols of humiliation. Social movements that negate every form of negotiation and representation. And from here, from Berlin, our mouths remain open to the readiness to respond to the violence of the system with violence and the rebellious moments, the breathing of solidarity and freedom and anger that seem to make stopping impossible. There is still a lot to do, in times when fascism, anti-feminism and authoritarian thinking are rampant, when countless people die in police cells like Oury Jalloh, when every last bit of something is exploited. And if this action means to set even a small sign of solidarity with the prisoners and injured of the revolts and struggles worldwide, then we do this because we do not want to stand by and do nothing. Every notch that the state tries to strike into the ranks of those who dare to question its omnipotence will reinforce us all the more that the destruction of violent relations is the only right thing to do.  And since it is not only the rulers who maintain them, but companies, the press, cops – they are legitimate targets.

That is why we set fire to a KONE van in Berlin-Prenzlauer Berg during the night from 17 to 18 November. KONE is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of elevators, escalators and door systems. They do not stop before a participation in the construction of prisons (

Combative solidarity with those persecuted and arrested by the Greek state!
Flaming greetings to Thunfisch, who was arrested on 10th November in Berlin!
Fire to the jails, freedom for all prisoners!

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