Chile: Communiqué of the prisoners of the Carcel of Alta Seguridad

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Communique of the end of the hunger strike and the continuation of the mobilization of the prisoners of Carcel de Alta Seguridad [High Security Prison] against the reform of law 321

Publicacion Refractario / Saturday, June 1st, 2019

Today Thursday, May 30, we are ending the hunger strike after 14 days. We started it in 23 prisoners locked up in section 3H north of this unit, and in the days that followed the hunger strike saw the participation of different sections, reaching a total of 32 prisoners, as a concrete manifestation of the refusal of the application of the amendment to Legislative Decree No 321, concerning parole.

We believe that this struggle requires the attention, resolution and the dedication of all the imprisoned concerned, as well as their families, their organizations and their people who see prison as an instrument of discipline primarily aimed at criminalizing poverty and supported by an ever more repressive legal framework, the aim of which is to keep social order in the service of the powerful of this country.

As part of the national mobilization of prisoners and those accompanying and supporting us against this perverse modification, we declare a state of permanent mobilization, since it is with the silence and the complicity of the politicians of all colours sitting in Congress, judges and lawyers who justify and the State as a whole, under the Piñera government [Sebastián Piñera, the Chilean President; NdAtt.] who, behind the backs of the small people, have used legality in violation of the treaties as well as principles of their own law, which they claim to defend.

We are continuing the mobilization, now in the form of paralyzing activities, along with all the CAS modules and call on all detainees in Chile to create and strengthen spaces of unity and coordination in order to gain freedom while preserving our dignity as people and thus be able to return to live with our loved ones, far from the walls and bars where we have been for so many years.

That solidarity not be just a written word!

Mobilized detainees

High Security Prison

Santiago du Chili
30 mai 2019.


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