Italy : Anna, Silvia, Nat – “A throw of the dice” – (Prison of L’Aquila)

via: actforfree

End of hunger strike communique

Life is a role of the dice with destiny wrote a poet, that we know anarchists like to play.
We have ended a first game. A month to see how the land lies and sniff out the boundaries of the cage, a month’s hunger strike to show that we are difficult material to box up.
On the thirtieth day we are interrupting with the intention of returning more strongly.
A first positive balance is in the immediate living, spontaneous solidarity inside and outside the prisons, which raised the problem loud and clear.
From inside: a month on strike also Marco and Alfredo in AS2 in Alessandria and Ferrara, joined by Natascia on her arrival in Rebibbia, who we continued with once she arrived here, then other comrades, Stecco, Ghespe, Giovanni, Madda, Paska and Leo.
Close by: we heard the beating on the bars from the female and male 41bis of l’Aquila, music that shatters the silence of this fortress which we have answered and will continue to answer as long as it lasts, in solidarity with all those who have been suffering this infamous regime on their own skins for years.
From outside: direct actions, informative incursions, disruptive actions around Italy and the world have amplified something that is not a game: anti-anarchist and not only prison differentiation, punitive circuits, refinement of repressive strategies. This is nothing we didn’t already know, we are aware that both inside and outside there are sparks everywhere ready to propagate, this gives us strength and determination.
It is just a beginning that we hope has been an injection of confidence in the potential and in the strength that we carry with us, inside and out.
L’Aquila, June 28 2019
Silvia, Natascia, Anna
Translated by Act for freedom now!