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France: Letter from Vincenzo from the prison of Rennes

30 August 2019
Ciao, this is an open letter…
My name is Vincenzo Vecchi, I have been wanted in Italy on two European arrest warrants since 2012 because of sentences of the courts of Genoa and Milan, one in 2006 and the other in 2001. I was arrested by the police of the flying squad and it was their captain who told me that he was very satisfied with this operation between the police forces of two European countries. A structure, said the captain, whose collaboration is obviously working better and better.
“It is financed by Interpol…” he told me in a confidential tone… captain I don’t think there is anything new in this…I know well about collaboration in “police operations” and that is precisely why I don’t want to be sent back [ndr. to Italy]. “France is better than Italy?”… just to make it clear, I am not interested in expressing a preference between the prisons of one country or another, indeed I have already expressed my point of view on more or less democratic prisons (and on the countries that are their mirror, as someone rightly said), in broad terms that is the reason I have already done time in prison. They cooperate among themselves on topics such as “regulation”, reception, the movement of individuals on European soil (a subject that concerns me in first person), are able to give birth to monstrous agreements like “Frontex” … they give directives which as a result add to the already macabre figures of boats sunk with their “load of poor” every day. If you want to keep your feet on the ground, aren’t the operations at the borders of Libya or Tunisia where those poor people are repelled home, militarily, (concentrating them in camps on the way) the result of this cooperation? I call this war.
So that is why I don’t want to be dispatched, that is why I don’t want to find myself being the result of a good police (co)operation carried out by two allied States in times of war … even if I still have a chance, since I have still dry feet … I wanted to tell the captain all this, I wanted to tell him that I am against this war … but he was too busy taking selfie upon selfie with his colleagues from the flying squad … and the prison door opened in front of us …
Rete Evasioni (Evasion Network)

France: Update about Anarchist Vincenzo Vecchi arrested, convicted for the G8 in Genoa in 2001

Anarchist Vincenzo Vecchi was arrested on Thursday, August 8, 2019 in France. The arrest was carried out by the French cops and (as reported by the scum media) was made possible by the contribution of the agents of the “Service for the fight against extremism and internal terrorism” and of the Antiterrorism section of the DIGOS of Milan, which through “a close investigative connection” with the French police were able to identify the comrade. Against him two European arrest warrants had been issued by the prosecutors of Milan and Genoa.

Vincenzo had been “on the run” since 2012, following the final sentence of 11 years and six months that was imposed on charges of “devastation and pillage, robbery and carrying of weapons” following Black Bloc actions against the G8 summit that took place in Genoa, Italy in July 2001.

On Friday, 27 September, the Rennes Court of Appeal refused the application for release of the comrade pending extradition hearing. A new hearing is expected in the next few weeks in the same court to decide whether Vincenzo will be handed over to the Italian authorities.

On 23 August, the court ordered further information to the transalpine justice authorities, before 10 October, to clarify various points concerning convictions in Italy. In 2012, the comrade was sentenced to years in prison for actions during anti-G8 demonstrations in Genoa in 2001. Vincenzo was also sentenced to four years in prison for his participation in an anti-fascist demonstration in Milan. in 2006. About sixty relatives and companions were present before the Court of Appeal of Rennes where his request for release was studied. On 22 August, the investigating chamber ordered a feasibility investigation for possible house arrest with electronic surveillance.

At the hearing, on the 27 September, the lawyer of the Vincenzo, presented new elements: “The two European mandates are false and inaccurate.” “We have added a document that shows that one of the convictions in Italy” (note: the Milan case) has been fully executed.”

The court eventually followed the General Counsel’s submissions and refused the release of Vincenzo Vecchi. He will remain in detention in the center of Rennes-Vezin pending a future hearing.

Write / contact address:

Vincenzo Vecchi
Centre pénitentiaire de Rennes-Vezin
Rue du Petit Pré
35132 Vezin-le-Coquet