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Ireland: Poster for International Week of Solidarity with Anarchist Prisoners August 23-30

To act in solidarity is completely up to the interpretation of an individual or collective. One could write a letter or visit a prisoner. Others could hold an event for prisoner awareness or a benefit gig. But then there are also the lone wolves who creep around in the darkness of night, lighting up the night sky with flames of rage and solidarity. No matter what act of solidarity is done, it’s completely up to the expression of the rebel individual or collective. The point is to show the anarchist fighters encaged in the belly of the beast that they are not alone, we haven’t forgotten them.

Green Anarchy Ireland

Germany: Prison Van Torched in Solidarity with Imprisoned and Fugitive Comrades in Bremen

via: actforfree

“The prison is looking for you”…”We have found you”
During the night of the 4th-5th of July we torched a Bremen JVA (Bremen Prison) truck in the fenced TÜV NORD parking lot in Bremen-Walle.
JVA Bremen is characterized by miserable conditions, the cells are overcrowded, rain leaks in and medical care is either extremely bad or completely denied.
But we do not want to make a plea for the reforming of criminals or even to strengthen the illusion that there is such a thing as a ‘humane’ or ‘just’ prison.
Our only concern regarding the system of confinement is to sabotage the prison industry! Because it is a structure that aims to break ‘resistant’ and unadapted subjects. The suicide rate in JVA Bremen during recent years proves this.
Cynically, the vehicle was adorned with a slogan, which is part of the advertising campaign to employ workers at JVA Bremen – “You are the key”, this is the role they have actually intended for us.
Our thoughts are with the comrades who are not with us right now. They sit within the architecture of the enemy, their existence is behind bars where they are punished by the deprivation of their freedom of movement.
But the fire was not only for them. We do not want to forget the people who escaped the inhumane idea of imprisonment. Those who have left everything behind and are now on the run.
But not only do we out here fight against the prison society. Even behind the walls people try to preserve their dignity and freedom. We also send solidarity greetings to them.
Freedom for all prisoners.

US: Anarchist comrade Willem van Sponson dies in liberatory assault on ICE compound in Tacoma

Anarchist comrade and long-time antifascist Willem Van Spronsen has been fatally shot by cops in Tacoma following an armed attack against the repressive, dehumanising and degrading incarceration policies of ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) at one of the growing number of US State institutional concentration camps.
69 year-old Willem valiantly attacked the institution on his own with incendiary devices and a home-built AR15 rifle, knowing the likely outcome of his actions.
He successfully set one vehicle on fire and then exchanged gunfire with Tacoma police officers who fatally shot him. He was pronounced dead on the scene.
A communique was released by Willem prior to his liberation attempt outlining his clear critique of the ‘visible fascism ascendant’ and a surprising appeal to American patriotism in the unabashedly, brutal face of the capitalist corporate state.
His actions will not be forgotten and it remains to be seen if his resolve and determination will be translated into other actions against the slide into fascism by the US state.
Full final message and communique available to read via

I am not affiliated with any organization, i have disafilliated from any organization who disagree with my choice of tactics.
the semi automatic weapon i used was a cheap, home built unregistered “ghost” ar15, it had six magazines. i strongly encourage comrades and incoming comrades to arm themselves. we are now responsible for defending people from the predatory state: ignore the law in arming yourself if you have the luxury, i did.

 In Love and Rage: – Willem Van Spronson 1950 – 2019

Athens: Solidarity with D. Koufontinas- Traffic Sabotage of Central Streets

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On Monday 20/5 many comrades made a coordinated traffic sabotage at some of the most central streets of Athens. We barricaded with burning trash-bins and blocked the traffic ar Patission, Kokkinopoulou and Iera Odos streets, as a gesture of solidarity with the revolutionary Dimitris Koufontinas, who has been on hunger strike since 2/5, demanding the repeal of the prosecutor’s veto and the immediate grant of furloughs.

The whole judicial complex unleashes its fury and its harshness against the specific political prisoner, because from the beginning of his activity until now he has shown consistency on his struggle and his values. Simultaneously, the pressure that the greek state receives both in an internal level from the well-known family of Bakogiannis, and also in the level of external politics from USA, intensifies the repression
and obstructs the detention conditions of D. Koufontinas. A big part of the social fabric, driven by the dominant bourgeois mindset that wants “law and order” and a normal and unimpeded flow of their daily lives,
embodies all of its suffering on the face of D. Koufontinas.

Continuous struggle until the end, near Dimitris Koufontinas

Immediate repeal of prosecutor’s veto Furloughs now for Dimitris Koufontinas


Berlin: For a Black May – Attack Against Securitas by ‘Free Foxes’ FAI-FRI

“Burn all prisons, with or without walls!” The call for a Subversive May, as an extension of the proposal for an Anarchist May 1st in Berlin, is understood by us as a call to extend the attack on different levels. We agree with the idea not to confine ourselves to one day but to constantly and unpredictably attack the functioning of existing society and prove that its security is an illusion.

The apparatus of power includes not only the murderers of the State, but also the mercenaries of the private security companies. Securitas vehicles once parked undisturbed in the GESOBAG housing estate where they act as security guards to prevent the intervention of cops during conflicts with tenants or tensions with the property management. Securitas is also engaged in surveillance work in prisons and public spaces worldwide.

“Recognizing the degenerative metamorphosis of the once “revolutionary subject”, today diluted in that imprecise legion of consumers / citizens, is the inevitable starting point to consolidate a community in conscious war, which contributes vigorously to extend the attack against the system of domination in our century. If we are not able to notice the feeling of participation in which the “mass” dives happily; that is to say, if we do not perceive the accelerated integration of this alienated caterva of “oppressed” and “excluded”, we are not apt to develop anarchic war in our days. For that reason, it is urgent to renew our ship-replace one rotten wood with the erosion of time-and that will only be possible from a critical balance” – from an interview with Alfredo Cospito Continue reading

Berlin : Gathering outside the JVA TEGEL prison

In the context of ‘subversive May’, we want to express our solidarity with prisoners outside the walls of the prison of Tegel and show our support for them out loud. Then some comrades (Isa, Nero, etc.) who were imprisoned there, tried to make links with their prison companions and agitate. 

These relations are important so as not to forget the desire for freedom in the cages of the State and to continue to struggle for it. The people in these prisons are the result of a society that aims at the violent and mass discipline of human beings.

The recently published news concerning the extension of ‘shelter’ for prisoners on remand in Tegel is sadly part of this authoritarian logic. We, who are ‘free’, are taking this day to demolish prison society and support those who are locked up and their struggles.

To tear down power relations and every prison wall!

At the gathering there was also a banner in solidarity with the Scripta Manent prisoners.

Translated from Italian by act for freedom now!

Canada: Attacks on Lemay Condo Developments against Migrant Prisons

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On the night of March 19th, the sales office of Humaniti had its windows smashed and two Lowney towers were redecorated using paint-filled fire extinguishers. What do these condo developments have in common? They were both designed by the Lemay architecture firm, which is helping to build a new migrant prison in Laval, Quebec.

Why not disturb the peace and quiet of the citizens occupying these luxury condos, whose wealth and comfort are founded upon the dispossession, exploitation, and imprisonment of those who have been here since before the colonization of this continent, those newcomers seeking a better life, survival, or pushed here by empire, and everyone who resists the prevailing order?

Lemay, we hope you enjoy informing your future potential clients that their projects will be sabotaged if they hire you. Should you choose not to inform them, we will enjoy giving them a costly surprise.

To all those struggling against borders in so-called Quebec and Canada: let us relentlessly attack the companies and agencies involved in any way in the construction of this migrant prison, so that it can’t be built!

Fire to the prisons! Sabotage borders, their enforcers, and collaborators!

Canada :Sodexo Attacked in Solidarity with Anarchist Prisoners

via actforfree

Anonymous submission to MTL Counter-info

In the early morning of March 29th, the president of Sodexo Canada was visited at her home in Brossard. All the tires of the two cars in her driveway were slashed, their windshields were smashed in, and FUCK SODEXO and (A) were written on their hoods.

Sodexo profits from imprisonment around the world. They offer among other things management services for private prisons and migrant detention centers, and cafeteria services for prisons.

In Canada more specifically, they profit from the extractive economy by offering security and cafeteria services for extraction sites.

This action is in solidarity with anarchist prisoners everywhere.

Prison profiteers must not sleep peacefully. The companies considering taking contracts for the construction of the new migrant prison in Laval should think twice.

June 11th: International Day of Solidarity with Marius Mason and long-term anarchist prisoners.


June 11th: The international day of solidarity with Marius Mason and long-term anarchist prisoners. In the 15 years this tradition has been observed, June 11th has facilitated support and action inspired by imprisoned anarchists — from noise demonstrations outside of jails to letter-writing nights, from fundraisers to arson. Setting aside this day is one way of remembering anarchists who are serving long prison sentences, generating support for them, and inspiring solidarity actions.

Because social struggles phase in and out, this day is a way to make sure that our imprisoned comrades are not forgotten. Our lack of memory is partially a result of the techno-alienation of the larger culture we’re fighting against. But it’s also a product of the dynamics of the anarchist space. People become burnt out and the cycle of forgetting continues.

June 11th is a way of combating that amnesia, of trying to sustain a long-term memory in the anarchist space. Not only does this generate support for anarchists locked in the state’s prisons, it forces us to look back at what came before. Considering what previous generations did can both inspire us with ideas we’ve forgotten, and help us understand how our current practices came to be. Continue reading

Freedom for Radek! (Netherlands)

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Our friend Radek, has been held in custody, in the Netherlands, for 5 months now. He was charged with attempted arson at the Polish embassy, which carries a sentence of up to 12 years in jail. Radek – just as many other workers on emigration – had dealt with exploitation by the employers, on a daily basis. Exploitation, unfair pay, unpaid overtime, atrocious living conditions – the realities of work in the West. Radek had tried to solve those problems in a less radical matter. He had given a shot by going public with it, informing the media, executing his rights. None of it helped. Eventually, he took a brave step forward. He went to the Polish embassy in The Hague, with a can full of gas and a lighter. He then informed, that he would burn the place and asked for people inside the building to be evacuated. In reality: springs from the lighter were taken out, so as to make sure, that starting a fire wouldn’t be possible.

By drawing attention onto himself, his goal was to make people aware, of what kind of conditions do employment agencies ‘serve’ Polish workers in the Netherlands. He did it in his own name and in the name of everyone, who are just as him – oppressed by this whole machine of exploitation.
We’ll keep you updated with more details about the incident, after we get Radek’s letter, in which he describes his actions and labour conditions in the Netherlands. Continue reading