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Mexico: Call For International Solidarity with Anarchist Prisoner Miguel Peralta

ABCH- Unfortunately that we did not get this information until the week of agitation for Miguel was over, however we still present his story and the details of his companerxs in solidarity in order that his plight be known.
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Compañerxs from different geographies:
We send our greetings from Mexico, where we are engaged in a struggle to free our compas from state capture and tear down the prison walls.
We are a small solidarity group who have spent the last four years accompanying Miguel Peralta, Indigenous anarchist prisoner of Eloxochitlán de Flores Magón, Oaxaca. Miguel was detained for defending the traditional forms of organization in his community and denouncing the abuses of a cacique group that holds economic and political power there. This group has maintained an environment of repression and harassment in the community for over nine years.
After a long, tedious, and exhausting trial, Miguel was sentenced on October 26th, 2018, to fifty years in prison for two crimes that he did not commit. This sentence was dictated in spite of his legal defense team presenting the necessary evidence to prove that he is not responsible for these crimes and that his case is full of legal irregularities. We know well that this was a politically motivated sentence against Miguel, and that there is no other reason for him to be imprisoned and sentenced.
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Mexico: Anarchist Prisoner Luis Fernando Sotelo Released from Prison

Anarchist political prisoner Luis Fernando Sotelo was released from prison on July 12 after more than 4 years and 8 months. Sotelo was arbitarily detained while protesting for the missing 43 Ayotzinapa students. The comrade burned his prison uniform after being released.
His detention was irregular; the judicial process never managed to prove his participation in the action that was prosecuted judicially. Despite this, the prosecutor for capital injustice kept him in custody. With an initial sentence of 33 years and despite all the inconsistencies of the process, they dismantled the lies of the government and thereby lowered the sentence.
It was thanks to his resistance, courage and knowledge of his innocence that he remained firm in his struggle. Many compañeras and compañeros joined his fight for freedom, among them the compañeras that made up the Luis Fernado Free Committee! who came every week to visit him in the Southern Prison.
Organizations such as the Popular Organization Francisco Villa de Izquierda Independiente, Weaving Revolutionary Organization, the comrades of the Vendaval cooperative, Street Brigade, organizations and collectives that fight together with the Indigenous Council of Government and support the EZLN, comrades who fight in the anti-prison movement, the CGT of the Spanish State, Zapata Vive coffee, among many others, participated in the meetings held in the courts, in the SCJN and in the marches called to demand his release.
Finally, this July 12, the comrade Luis Fernando left the Southern Prison in the company of his family and comrades who sang, hurled slogans and embraced him to welcome him.
After hugging his family, the comrade burned the uniform he had to wear in these years and gave a message of thanks to the organizations and compañerxs present and recalled that there are still many political prisoners in the country, inviting them to keep fighting for their release.
Down with the walls of the prisons!
FREEDOM for political prisoners!