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Italy: “Prometeo” operation – Text of Robert from the prison of Bancali (Sassari) and transfer of Beppe

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Hello everyone!

I am Robert and from 6 July I find myself locked up in the prison of Sassari. I am accused together with two comrades of sending “explosive bags” to two public prosecutors, Sparagna and Rinaudo, and to the director of the DAP [1]. At dawn on May 21st [2019] we were searched and taken to jail. Beppe and I were locked up in Opera, where we spent a month in the “observation” section. This is the area where prisoners are placed who must serve the 15 days of punitive isolation or those considered to be of high risk for self-harm. In our case, we found ourselves in that section, given that Opera does not have an AS2 [“High Surveillance 2”] but “only” AS1, AS3 and the inevitable 41bis. Having been banned from communicating with the other inmates, we spent a month in single cells with the blind permanently closed and an hour of air in the morning in a squalid narrow courtyard. In that section it was also forbidden to use cookers, so we adapted to the prison food, which was almost always inedible. Not that I had ever had any expectations for these places of psychological and physical annihilation.

After a month the transfer arrived, and they took me to AS2 in Terni where I stayed for two weeks. Not satisfied with the movements, on 6 July they transferred me to Sassari where there is an AS2 so far used to lock up the Islamic prisoners accused of terrorism; evidently 2019 is the year in which to experiment the anarchist / Islamic combination.

This place is defined by the prisoners themselves as “La Guantanamo d’Italia” for the harshness and restrictions of the regime itself and for its remoteness from everything that, in addition to making the talks difficult, completely paves the way for the administration of the prison in making decisions and measures even more arbitrarily. Continue reading

Italy: ‘Operation Prometheus’ – Anarchist Comrade Natascia Transferred to Piacenza Prison

We learn of the transfer, which took place on July 30th, of the anarchist Natascia Savio from the prison of L’Aquila to that of Piacenza. Natascia was arrested on May 21st 2019 in the context of the repressive operation “Prometeo” (“Prometheus”) along with two other comrades, Robert e Giuseppe. The last two have also recently been transferred further, respectively to the prisons of Bancali (Sassari, in Sardinia) and Rossano Calabro (province of Cosenza).
We recall that the main accusation against the comrades is of “attack with the purpose of terrorism or subversion”, as they are held responsible for sending three bomb packages arrived in June 2017 to the public prosecutors Rinaudo (prosecutor in several trials against the antagonist movement and the anarchists) and Sparagna (prosecutor in the trial for the “Scripta Manent” operation) and Santi Consolo, at the time director of the DAP (“Department of Penitentiary Administration”) in Rome. They are not accused of any “associative” crime (such as articles 270 or 270bis, penal code).
Following the transfer of Natascia to the prison of Piacenza, only the anarchist comrade Anna Beniamino (arrested in September 2016 for the “Scripta Manent” operation and sentenced to 17 years in prison in April this year) remains detained in the section AS2 of L’Aquila, a section against which the anarchist prisoners held there carried out the hunger strike from 29 May until the very last days of June, which were also joined by other comrades in other prisons.
Here the addresses of those arrested for the “Prometeo” operation:
Natascia Savio
C. C. di Piacenza
strada delle Novate 65
29122 Piacenza
Robert Firozpoor
C. C. di Sassari – Bancali
strada provinciale 56, n. 4
Località Bancali
07100 Sassari
Giuseppe Bruna
C. R. di Rossano Calabro
Contrada Ciminata snc
87064 Corigliano-Rossano (Cs)
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Italy: Communique of Alfredo Cospito from the prison of Ferrara

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Alfredo, from the prison of Ferrara, asks for this short communiqué to be circulated, excusing himself for not having done so earlier but he was completely isolated in the hospital. He sends a hug to everyone.
Prison of Ferrara, 14/07/2019
“I give you the tragicomic news that after 5 hours’ operation my bloody gall bladder has abandoned us (July 8) due to the hunger strike. Excuse me but I still can’t answer your many letters decently. But count on my answers. The only positive thing is that I have lost 21 kg.
Keep on writing to me.
Sure that the struggle in solidarity with the comrades proceeds ever more effectively.”
Translated by Act for freedom now!

Italy: ”Operation Panico” Sentences

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Awaiting further information, we are publishing some of the sentences (news received via text message) for the 28 comrades accused in Operation Panico.
None acquitted
Salvatore Vespertino Ghespe 9 years
Giovanni Ghezzi  Giova 9 years, 10 months and 15 days
Pierloreto Fallanca  Paska  9 years and 10 months
For all the others the sentences range from one month to 6 years.
Fire to the prisons and the courts
Freedom to everyone

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Translated by Act for freedom now!

Italy: Update on the Health Situation of Imprisoned Anarchist Comrade Alfredo Cospito

24.07.19: Comrade Alfredo Cospito started feeling unwell 15 days ago, right after his hunger strike ended. He immediately insisted on a CT scan. In fact, as soon as the CT scan was carried out, he was urgently transferred to the hospital where he was operated on. The operation went for 5 hours as they had to remove his gallbladder, which had ruptured. All this because the doctors had been saying for months that it was necessary to operate, but the prison kept postponing, trying to solve the problem with tablets, which in reality did not solve anything. The situation got worse with the hunger strike.
Alfredo’s family only learned of his transfer to hospital and the operation four days later. A week after the operation he was transferred back to prison. At visits he was very physically exhausted, in a wheelchair and very thin.
During his hospital stay he was placed in a room with an armored door, cameras and at least three guards at all times, with nothing – no books or a clock, losing track of time passing. After three days he managed to get some books he had back in the prison.
Three days ago a call from Alfredo’s lawyer informed his family that he had again been transferred to the hospital for intensive surgery. After leaving hospital the first time Alfredo developed an infection of the pancreas caused by a cyst that had started to spread. Now the situation is stable and improving. Alfredo is in good spirits.
This time the doctors have declared that they will not discharge him until he is completely healed.
It is clear that his return to prison after the first operation was hastened because the prison authorities consider him to be dangerous and they were paranoid about a possible escape attempt. So the doctors were pressured into releasing him early.
Now he has some books, but we are trying to make sure that he gets mail and a change of clothes at the hospital, he has been wearing the same clothes for days and he has had to wash them himself, keeping the drip on one arm and using his other arm to wash.
More updates soon.
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Italy: Kidnapping and attempted deportation of anarchist Divine Umoru + Saturday, July 20th: Protest at the CPR of Bari

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Transfers, violence and deportations:
Yesterday [15 July 2019] we received the news of the deportation, now in progress, of Divine Umoru, made possible by an order issued directly by Salvini, despite having the documents in order. He is an anarchist comrade who has undergone several trials, we know him and we want to be in solidarity.
For this reason, although we have made it impossible to trace their movements, we will be at Malpensa at 17.30 (Tuesday 16th) at the terminal 1 departures entrance 16. Run and come all!
Updates about Divine:
The Ministry of the Interior does not leave the grip and, not being able to disregard the judgment of the Cedu (“ECHR”), encloses Divine in the CPR [prison for migrant and people without papers] of Bari, where they send those who rebel in the other CPR. A punitive CPR. We repeat to magistrates and police that we will not give up until Divine is free. Fire at CPR, all free!

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Italy: Solidarity with Andreas Krebs

There is also an German and Italian version of this text!
Our friend and companion Andreas is currently imprisoned in Naples (Italy). Since his imprisonment in Germany Andreas has been known as a rebellious prisoner. In April 2019 he was sentenced in Italy to 24 years in jail. In addition, Andreas has recently been diagnosed with kidney cancer. His health is deteriorating and we fear for his life. Actually, he should undergo surgery months ago, but the Italian authorities refuse to transfer him to a hospital.
Andreas was in the clutches of the German judicial machinery for years and he was in jail for a total of 16 years. He is a rebellious prisoner, participated in building the prisoners’ union (GGBO) behind bars, he went on hunger strike several times against the prison conditions and also participated in a solidarity hunger strike for the prisoners in Greece. To date he repeatedly publishes texts against the prison society, in which he describes everyday life in captivity.
In autumn 2014, after his release, he met his current wife Jutta. Both decided to spend a quiet retirement in the south of Italy. At the end of December 2016 there was a dispute with his former employer, who attacked Andreas and strangled him. Andreas stabbed him in self-defense with a penknife. Sadly, the victim died in the hospital three days later under mysterious circumstances, although it was said shortly after the act that he would survive.

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Italy : Anna, Silvia, Nat – “A throw of the dice” – (Prison of L’Aquila)

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End of hunger strike communique

Life is a role of the dice with destiny wrote a poet, that we know anarchists like to play.
We have ended a first game. A month to see how the land lies and sniff out the boundaries of the cage, a month’s hunger strike to show that we are difficult material to box up.
On the thirtieth day we are interrupting with the intention of returning more strongly.
A first positive balance is in the immediate living, spontaneous solidarity inside and outside the prisons, which raised the problem loud and clear.
From inside: a month on strike also Marco and Alfredo in AS2 in Alessandria and Ferrara, joined by Natascia on her arrival in Rebibbia, who we continued with once she arrived here, then other comrades, Stecco, Ghespe, Giovanni, Madda, Paska and Leo.
Close by: we heard the beating on the bars from the female and male 41bis of l’Aquila, music that shatters the silence of this fortress which we have answered and will continue to answer as long as it lasts, in solidarity with all those who have been suffering this infamous regime on their own skins for years.
From outside: direct actions, informative incursions, disruptive actions around Italy and the world have amplified something that is not a game: anti-anarchist and not only prison differentiation, punitive circuits, refinement of repressive strategies. This is nothing we didn’t already know, we are aware that both inside and outside there are sparks everywhere ready to propagate, this gives us strength and determination.
It is just a beginning that we hope has been an injection of confidence in the potential and in the strength that we carry with us, inside and out.
L’Aquila, June 28 2019
Silvia, Natascia, Anna
Translated by Act for freedom now!
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Italy: Updates on the Anarchists Arrested for the “Prometeo” Operation

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After the arrests of 21 May 2019 for the repressive operation “Prometeo” (“Prometheus”), Robert and Beppe were imprisoned in the Opera prison in Milan until June 21st, while Natascia was imprisoned in France.
In the maximum security prison of Opera, Robert and Beppe spent an entire month in isolation in section 41bis, as there is no AS2 section [“High Surveillance 2”], with only an hour a day of “socializing” by being able to see each other, and the rest of the day with the barrier closed. This “illegal” regime was reported to the judge, PM and guarantor of the detainees, especially since the isolation had not been requested by the judge, but nothing changed for a month.
Saturday, May 25th, a warm greeting of solidarity under the prison was heard and welcomed.
Talks have been authorized for those who have requested it; letters and books have been received and sent even if slowly, they have received money and packages with clothes and food with some arbitrary prohibition on the passage of certain things by the guards (apparently cooked white rice and books with photos of mountain landscapes have been incomprehensibly incriminated). In particular, Beppe received several ill-treatment by the guards, including homophobic insults, missed access to the showers for 3 days, he was not given food for at least twice and after the colloquy he was left alone for at least two hours in a small room before being returned to the cell. Continue reading

Italy: Update on the Hunger Strike in the Prisons of L’Aquila and Alessandria (26th June, 2019)

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News from L’Aquila, June 26th:

Like every Wednesday, Silvia and Anna also held talks with external people today.
While Natascia moved there a week ago, she still has no chance to see anyone else but ‘advocate. She is subjected to censorship and has also withheld her trial papers. Even Silvia’s mail, in and out, continues to suffer slowdowns, and is partly withheld.
To date all three are still on hunger strike.
Who have seen the two comrades [Anna and Silvia] report having found them well, considering the fact that they reached the 29th day of the hunger strike. They accuse a physiological weakness that appears to be normal. With great strength of spirit today the companions refused the package, in which fruit had been put in the hypothesis that they had decided to stop the strike.
The initiatives put in place – even in the last few days – restored their strength. They confirm that the keystrokes from 41bis – lasting half an hour – continue, daily, and that they manage to participate, in response, for no more than ten minutes given the limited energy. They are pulling the rope in a situation that by day in day becomes more and more critical, and the absence of a response from the penitentiary institution, increasingly full of responsibility. The news of a visit to the prison on the same day by the national detainee guarantor, prompted by the gravity of situation, is reliable. The comrades are monitored by health personnel, but their request to allow a doctor to come in from outside the prison is still disregarded today.
Friday, June 28, will be the next opportunity for direct contact with the three comrades held in the AS2 section of the prison of L’Aquila, when the respective lawyers will go to interview them.

News from Alessandria, June 26th:

Today at around 13.30, I visited the prison of Alessandria to meet Marco, who is detained in AS2 section. I spent about an hour with him and he assured me that he was subjectively good despite the several days of hunger strike, he is still in force despite the 9 kg lost (currently weighing 42 kg), he is able to stretch his legs and chat with comrades when allowed. It takes only 3 bottles of 1.5 liter water and adds them with a teaspoon of salt and one of sugar. Days ago, refusing not to integrate anything with water, he suffered a hypoglycemic crisis for which some glucose and physiological infusions were needed, but currently the problem seems to be solved and is parameterized by the health personnel twice a day to prevent them from check again. Yesterday’s blood tests and e valuable vital signs indicate a state of general suffering from mild malnutrition, but not worrying at this time.
Aware of the possible consequences of the ongoing strike undertaken, for now he does not want to give up and is determined to reject any proposal for treatment by the jailers. The news of the mobilizations outside and the conditions of the other comrades on strike arrived quite up to date, while he complained of a noticeable slowness in outgoing communications.
Marco thanks the comrades in solidarity e in particular the Cassa Antipressione delle Alpi Occidentali [Anti-repression fund of the western Alps].
Come on Marco!!
From Fabio (doctor who visited Marco on Thursday 26/06)
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